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Seven Dreamers holds 100th demo day

(San Francisco, Calif.) – Seven Dreamers Laboratories – innovator of the world’s most advanced and expensive golf-club shafts – recently conducted its 100th demo day since arrival on the North American golf scene 12 months ago. 

The milestone event at The Grove – an exclusive private club with a championship Greg Norman-designed golf course outside Nashville, Tenn. – coincides with a recent major championship winner teeing it up with Seven Dreamers shafts at the 2018 Masters Tournament.

In a short period of time, Seven Dreamers has gained a large and loyal following among the most discerning and affluent golfers.  The ultra-premium, custom-fit shafts, which start at $1,200 each, have been adopted by members of Cypress Point Golf Club, Riviera Country Club, Oakmont Country Club, Seminole Golf Club, San Francisco Golf and Country Club, Southern Highlands, TPC of Boston and hundreds other golf and country clubs.

Made in Tokyo by craftsmen who custom build each shaft, Seven Dreamers uses aerospace-quality carbon fiber, a proprietary 3D design system and an autoclave to cure every shaft. This pioneering approach helps the carbon fiber retain 100 percent of its quality and eliminates common practices used by other manufacturers, including grinding or polishing to achieve weight and flex specifications, as well as adding 3-5 grams of useless paint weight to the structure.  The resulting design provides golfers with incredibly smooth feel and near-perfect transfer of energy for more distance with tighter shot dispersion.

“Much like fine-quality, bespoke suits, our shafts are designed to complement the user by perfectly reacting to his or her unique swing profile,” says Shin Sakane, President and CEO of Seven Dreamers. “No other manufacturer in the world has the resources or manufacturing knowledge to create the superior shafts our labs produce.”

Seven Dreamers produces shafts for woods, irons and putters. For U.S. and Canadian golfers, 28 different bend profiles help players of all handicaps optimize performance. These were identified as the most common and beneficial options, informed by data collected during thousands of club fittings. Golfers interested in Seven Dreamers shafts partake in a thorough fitting session to find an ideal match. A list of authorized dealers:

The autoclaving process is traditionally used for manufacturing high-precision carbon products, including those utilized in the building of satellites and aircrafts. The renowned history of Seven Dreamers Laboratories is reflected in its production methods as company engineers continuously innovate in research and development of fiber reinforced composite materials. In 1998, the forbearers of what would eventually become Seven Dreamers were involved in developing Japan’s “Hayabusa” spacecraft, the first and only unmanned craft to land on an asteroid and return to earth with a sample from the surface. 

Endorsed by the legendary Masashi “Jumbo” Ozaki, winner of 114 professional golf tournaments, Seven Dreamers shafts debuted in Japan in 2014 and Southeast Asia and Australia soon thereafter where they quickly became highly popular among professional and amateur players. 

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About Seven Dreamers

Seven Dreamers was founded with the mission of “creating things the world has never seen.” With roots dating back to the 1950s and expertise in production of composite materials for industrial applications, recent years have seen an expanded vision that includes advanced robotics, breakthroughs in healthcare and now the most technologically innovative golf-club shafts ever engineered. Based in Tokyo and Japan’s largest independent composite manufacturer, Seven Dreamers utilizes the infrastructure of its aerospace production techniques to construct extremely high-quality shafts which outperform all others on the market. Already very popular in Japan and Southeast Asia, Seven Dreamers enthusiastically brought its premium shafts to the North American market in 2017. 



Andy Tabor