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8 courses add eGull pay app

Adds Eight More Courses to Play and Pay by The Hole™ Platform

CARLSBAD, CA, April 12, 2018 – eGull, Inc., developer of the “Uber of Golf” eGull Pay App that allows golf operators to invite golfers to Play and Pay by the Hole™, has, in just a few months, added more courses to offer Play and Pay by the Hole than any other provider. With now over 100 courses worldwide offering the service eGull pay is not only the fastest growing yield management platform for public access golf courses but the uncontested leader in the space.

eGull Pay added eight more courses to the app:

  • California
    • Eagle Crest Golf Club, Escondido
    • Palm Desert Resort Country Club, Palm Desert
    • Maderas Golf, Poway
  • Illinois
    • Big Run Golf Club, Lockport
    • Deer Creek Golf Club, University Park
  • Indiana
    • Brookwood Golf Club, Fort Wayne
  • Pennsylvania
    • Tam O’Shanter, Hermitage
  • Virginia
    • Lake Monticello, Palmyra

“Since the launch at the 2018 PGA Show we have experienced a growing interest for our solution” indicated Pascal Stolz, eGull USA CEO, “and we don’t see the momentum slowing down anytime soon, to the contrary.” 
The reasons are simple: eGull Pay addresses needs and concerns on both side of the spectrum. For golfers pressed by time eGull gives them the opportunity to play more and on their time. For golf courses, eGull Pay GPS technology effectively tracks players on the course thus eliminating cheating opportunities, avoiding the need to add staff to police an honor based system, allows the club to close at normal hours since golfers don’t need to get back in the pro-shop to check-out but best of all gives courses new scenarios not available to them before: 

  • Eliminate the severe discounting of twilight rate – golfer play and pay for what they played;
  • Eliminate rainchecks while weather is in the forecast – switch players to play and pay by the hole and if they elect to stop before the rain or keep swinging in the rain they will just pay for what they played;
  • Fill unused inventory when you have blocks of committed times like the mid-day slots ahead of league play at 4PM;
  • Bring golfers to the course to play a few knowing the heat will chase them away when it gets to be too hot to play – at least the course didn’t remain empty and golfers got their fix;
  • And many more.

“As a matter of fact, we are seeing occasional golfers who typically play 3 times a year now hit the course two to three times a month, playing 7 holes. If you do the math these golfers will play over 150 holes versus their previous average of 54 and that is a very significantl increase in revenues from the 80% of occasional golfers that today only contribute 20% of green fee revenue” added Stolz. If a course were to average just one foursome a day, 5 days a week, 35 weeks out of the year playing 7 holes at $3 per hole it represents $15,000 in new found revenue without counting food and beverage, range revenues, pro-shop sales and the occasional 18 holes rounds that will come out of re-addicting occasional players to golf.
Operating eGull Pay is simple, the app is free to golfers and set up is free to golf courses. A golfer downloads the free app, makes a request to play a participating golf course and checks-in at the pro-shop. The Pro shop generates a 4 digit code through the eGull Pay software and share it with the player to activate the GPS tracking on their smartphone. Golfers play as many holes as they have time for and when they are done they end the round on the app and their credit card is automatically charged.  eGull and the course share in the revenue.

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eGull was founded to help grow participation in the game of golf. For golfers pressed by time and challenged to commit to a full 9 or 18 holes (women, seniors, kids, beginners, after work, etc.), eGull brings golf to parity with most sports that can be played for a set amount of time. For golf course operators, eGull Pay is a GPS technology-based yield management program and mobile application to grow incremental revenues through better utilization of off-peak inventory and daily challenging scenarios for golf courses like inclement weather, empty tee-sheets, attracting occasional golfers and more. For more information, visit


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