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Collegians, juniors turn to Every Ball Counts

West Palm Beach, FL – March 26, 2018 – Every Ball Counts™ (EBC), a science-based, statistics-driven elite training academy located at the PGA Resort and Spa Estates Course in West Palm Beach, has attracted a growing number of Division 1 college golf teams as well as promising junior golfers from around the globe seeking lower golf scores.

“Since our founding in 2014, EBC has offered players of all levels a unique, goal-based improvement methodology that has been validated by PGA TOUR, Tour and amateurs.  The system follows Olympic sport training protocols which has had measurable success for over 30 years,” said Marc Solda, CEO and President.

The EBC Assessment and Scoring Average Reports use the same type of data collected by the PGA TOUR’s “ShotLink.”  With significant performance results on the professional scene, showcased by 8 of the 25 top PGA TOUR players, including the FedEx champion, who utilize EBC’s system, an increasing number of university and college golf coaches have brought teams to the EBC campus.  Here teams undergo the EBC Assessment which allows coaches to structure an individualized, measurable practice plan to improve that player’s skills associated with lower scores. Some of the most prominent and perennial national collegiate championship contenders that have trained at EBC include Oklahoma State, UCLA, Harvard, Ohio State and UCONN. 

“As university and college coaches have experienced positive reactions and results from team members, so too, have many junior players been made aware of EBC’s proprietary assessment and training system.  As a result, we have formulated a 2 or 3-day training camp for juniors seeking a defined pathway to college,” Solda noted.  “For those juniors (ages 14-21) competing on the AJGA, FWCT, and other circuits, these young golfers want to improve the quality of their practice time and transfer those skills taught from the practice range to the golf course,” he added.

EBC takes a player through 19 skill assessments, comprised of the most influential skills required for shooting a low score. Then the data is run through a proprietary algorithm which allows player and coach to now have an MRI of that player’s scoring average.  From there, the coach knows exactly where and how to lower that player’s scoring average.  Training sessions focus on technical skills, movement efficiency, mindfulness training, course management, and nutrition, with the focus on lower scores.

Teams who have undergone EBC training have seen the marked improvement in their players’ scoring average.  Several teams are now using it as a recruitment tool as they can show the difference in scoring average from when a player entered as a freshman through his senior year. Student athletes can see they have an opportunity to improve while playing at a particular school that uses this individualized training system. Coaches now have better tools for their players with focused practice versus generic practice. “Giving student athletes the best opportunity for improvement during their collegiate experience is paramount for their collegiate career.  Evidence of this is one particular team that has been using EBC training methodology for three seasons and has moved up 65 spots in the Golfweek national ranking,” Solda noted.

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