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Iofit to introduce smart shoes


Seoul, South Korea (January 16th, 2017) – The IOFIT smart golf shoes that improves your balance and distance is launching as a fully-fledged product for the first time ever at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show held in Orlando, Florida. 

Developed over the last three years by Salted Venture, a spin-off company from Samsung Electronics, IOFIT uses sensors embedded inside the soles to track weight transfer and balance in your golf swing. This connects to an app where you can graphically visualize valuable pressure distribution, center of pressure, and left/right/front/back balance data. Instructive guideline for users on how to effectively analyze and interpret the data is also included in the product.

“Award-winning KPGA players are already using IOFIT in their training and as a result have shown a significant improvement in their performance,” said Salted Venture CEO and Founder Jacob Cho. “Certified coaches and academies are incorporating IOFIT into their official KPGA education programs to help anyone from beginner level to tour players.” 

Key shoe features:

  • Comes in two styles “IOFIT Pro” and “IOFIT Pro Classic” in five different colors
  • Lightweight midsoles and breathable lining for all-season comfort
  • Multiple outsole traction elements 
  • Battery life up to 30 hours of continuous use

Key app features:

  • Data synced to iOS or Android device via Bluetooth
  • Compatible with smartphone or tablet
  • Swing Comparison – Compare video and data side-by-side with another golfer    
  • Coaching tools for analysis – Draw and/or record voice-comments on the video and data  
  • Share recorded swing – record lessons using data and coaching tools and share

By launching at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show, Salted Venture hopes to collaborate with coaches, academies, and distributors in the US to make IOFIT’s technology and data more widely accessible. 
Salted Venture will be exhibiting this product at Booth 2810 in KSPO section at the Orange County Convention Center from January 24th to January 26th. Exclusive discounts and special events will be offered for a limited time at the show. You can view the website here and download product images and videos here.

About Salted Venture

Salted Venture is a spin-off company from Samsung Electronics that was born as a Creative Lab project in-house. Some notable achievements include a 2016 Kickstarter campaign that raised over 300% of the funding goal and winning prestigious Golf Magazine’s Techy Award, CES Innovation Award, and ISPO Gold Winner Award in the wearable technology category.