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Big Max to expand into U.S. market

New data paves the way for Europe’s leading push cart and bag brand to launch into U.S. bag market 

BIG MAX, Europe’s most owned push cart brand, is taking success at home as the signal to bring more of its range to the U.S. golf market with the introduction of its award winning golf bag line.

The Austrian brand, which has been #1 in Europe for push carts for several years, has been named as the #1 brand for golf bags in Germany, a traditional marker for even better performance across the whole of Europe and Scandinavia. Alongside the new figures for golf bags, the data collected by Golf Datatech for the first three quarters of 2017 has shown that BIG MAX push carts have extended their lead in the market, now recording 3 times the number of sales than the #2 brand. The quality of BIG MAX push carts has made an immediate impact in the U.S. following their 2015 launch, with BIG MAX winning Golf Digest editor’s choice awards for best push carts in both 2016 and 2017.

The success of the European bag line has been built on the award winning Waterproof Aqua series and Water Resistant Dri Lite series. These two key technologies will lead the way in the U.S. market with five models showing for the first time at the PGA Show in Orlando.



Upon the announcement of this news, Thomas Reiter, founder of BIG MAX explained the thinking behind the brand’s commitment to the U.S. market, “It is always satisfying to know that BIG MAX continues to be the No.1 push carts in our home market but to add bags to that achievement is very special. We wanted to be 100% certain that the quality and practicality of our bags matched that of the push carts before we launched to the U.S. and with the figures just published we feel that the time is right.”

Kelly Walker, Director of Sales at BIG MAX USA is excited that the bags will finally be available to the U.S. consumer. He said, “With the continued growth of Big Max Golf brand in the US golf market, we’ve been just waiting for the right time to officially launch our Golf Bags, which have had huge success in the European market. The 2018 bag line-up is amazing, the quality and design is great and they look fantastic, so we can’t wait to get them into the US market for our customers to see what the Europeans have been enjoying for years.”

With the care and attention that has gone into preparing the award winning bag range for the U.S. market, along with the excitement around the new push cart that will be going for a third Golf Digest award, 2018 is set to be a great year for BIG MAX on all fronts.


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