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K-Motion secures biofeedback patent

(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) – K-MOTION Interactive – the pioneer of innovative human motion learning systems for sports, fitness and medical industries – has secured its third patent related to biofeedback critical to successful athletic training.

Firmly establishing K-MOTION as the market leader, "Method and System for Athletic Motion Analysis and Instruction” specifically patents real-time training (biofeedback) with sensors that teach players to know exactly what to train and how to fix inefficient movement.

“Applied biomechanics and biofeedback are the future of athletic training,” says Michael Chu, CEO of K-MOTION. “This patent ensures we are able to continue pushing the boundaries of how athletes understand their movements and accelerate improvement.”

K-MOTION owns various patents which apply to human motion learning system, and has several pending patent applications related to the high quality of K-MOTION’s original methodologies and state-of-the-art technologies and products.

The latest patent issuance is another victory for the company that is the brains behind the famous K-VEST training system. It is popular among professional and amateur golfers, baseball and basketball players and a broader spectrum of athletes.

Seven of Golf Digest’s top-10 golf instructors, as well as Major League Baseball and National Hockey League teams, use K-MOTION products for better training. Fitness coaches and physical therapists (faster recovery from injury) are also brand ambassadors.

For golfers (including PGA Tour winners) and coaches, recently released K-VEST 7.7 and K-PLAYER 1.7 software makes it even easier to improve swing set-ups, capturing posture, alignment and side bend.  A My Next Swing feature generates pre-loaded programs which guide players through the swing position-by-position for dynamic practice experiences. Motion arrows serve as visual cues.

Data-driven athlete-performance tools are the rage in the professional and amateur ranks. Too many training systems stop at the numbers; however, K-VEST is revolutionary practical by translating them into actionable biofeedback programs so athletes learn and implement solutions intuitively through feel.

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About K-MOTION Interactive, Inc.

K-MOTION Interactive, Inc. is an industry leader in human motion learning systems.  The company uses a combination of software and sensor technology to deliver a learning loop that enhances the measurement, assessment, coaching and training of athletes.  In short, we help people move better.  In sports, fitness and rehabilitation, the company’s products are used in everything from motion capture to range of motion measurement to biofeedback training.  K-MOTION technology is now used in every major U.S. city and country around the world. As the developer of the industry's most popular and innovative suite of motion capture and biofeedback training, K-MOTION's mission is focused on intuitive and easy-to-use solutions that accurately measure motion and improve physical performance. In short, we help people move better. K-MOTION Interactive, Inc. was formerly known as Bentley Kinetics, Inc. The company was founded in 1991 and has office in Scottsdale, Arizona and Nashua, New Hampshire.


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