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Marriott picks OneSpareTeeTime

Alpharetta, GA (Sept. 25, 2017) -- Marriott Golf Corporation has chosen OneSpareTeeTime to help manage certificate requests from charitable organizations.  Additionally, Marriott’s domestic portfolio of courses will enjoy a free listing on and will automatically receive outing leads from event planners in local markets.  Several Marriott properties are taking advantage of OneSpareGolfVacation, a platform to promote slow-season and last minute golf vacations to an affluent audience.

“Our courses will save time and receive free outing leads while our resorts generate added shoulder and low-season revenue,” said Brett Stark, Vice President of Marketing, Marriott Golf. The company’s golf portfolio offers both vintage courses and challenging new designs at exciting hotel golf resorts across the country.

Marriott Golf is the latest course management group to implement a new platform to handle golf certificate requests from charities.  By managing charitable requests to its properties, OneSpareTeeTime maximizes benefits to courses with slow periods on their tee sheets and to charities that hold fundraising events.

OneSpareTeeTime is a free online platform that completely streamlines charitable requests. Along with maintaining and tracking an inventory bank of available golf certificates (twosomes or foursomes), OneSpareTeeTime automatically provides high quality course promotional materials to charities for use at their fundraisers and on their websites. 

“We’ve heard from dozens of course managers that they are inundated with requests from non-profit organizations,” explains Mike Last, founder of Geronimo Solutions, the company behind the OneSpareTeeTime platform. “Our solution leaves clubs in full control, saves a lot of time, promotes their courses, and even increases revenues, all while supporting great causes. It’s a win-win opportunity that more and more courses and non-profits are embracing with enthusiasm.”

Through OneSpareTeeTime each Marriott Golf course can now configure their certificate restrictions and promotional materials as well as gather key golfer and event planner data.  Additionally, the proprietary “SuperUser” dashboard allows senior management to view activity across the entire portfolio.

“This new platform will save our managers time and administrative work, while doing a great job of promoting our courses,” added Stark.

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About Geronimo Solutions

Geronimo Solutions provides technologies that help businesses connect easily and seamlessly with non-profit organizations.  Its platforms enable golf courses and resorts, management companies, vacation rental managers, golf professionals, restaurants, and others to leverage the promotional reach of thousands of non-profits.

In just three years, more than 5,000 non-profits have created accounts with Geronimo and use its straightforward "Travelpledge" fundraising solution. More than $8.3 million per year in golf-related gift certificates are available to participating non-profit organizations that agree to promote donor golf facilities at fundraisers and to host events at these courses.   Both private and public courses are benefiting from the platforms.

Several solutions have been developed for the golf industry including (for courses), (for resorts), and OneSpareLesson (for instructors).

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