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TecTecTec reports VPRO500 reviews


(Vannes, France)TecTecTec – maker of technologically-advanced yet affordable laser rangefinders for golf – announces its most popular model, the VPRO500, has received more than 2,000 reviews on, solidifying it as the #1 best-selling golf laser rangefinder on the world’s largest online retailer.   

Beyond the volume of reviews, the overwhelming sentiment has been extremely positive, as the majority of reviewers have given the product a verified 5-star rating, the highest possible grade. The VPRO500 has resonated with consumers because it provides extremely accurate readings, is easy-to-use, features a lightweight and waterproof construction, and is far more budget-friendly ($149) than competing brands. 

“Our goal has always been to provide top-of-the-line technology at an affordable price and the Amazon community has completely embraced the VPRO500 for these reasons,” says Renan Lore, Director of TecTecTec. “Golf can be both difficult and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. With our laser rangefinders, thousands of players are realizing they can improve their performance and save money.”


TecTecTec offers a variety of leading-edge models, each available in standard or “S” editions, which feature PinSlope Technology to calculate elevation-adjusted distance to the target. All TecTecTec rangefinders offer three unique scanning modes – Pinsensor measures overlapping targets, including flagsticks and wooded areas; Target Priority displays distance of the closest subject; and Scan Mode helps read distances to hazards. Precise within one yard, the company’s renowned products have an ultra-clear, multi-layered optical lens for excellent visual clarity and 6x magnification with diopter adjustment.

When ordering online at, customers also enjoy free shipping, a two-year warranty and 30-day full refund guarantee. The offer is available on any of the company’s acclaimed golf rangefinders, including the recently launched VPRODLX 1K and popular VPRO500 and VPRO DLX.

About TecTecTec

Founded in 2014, TecTecTec is headquartered in France with representation in Houston and Bali, Indonesia. The company provides golfers worldwide with high-quality products sold directly to consumers at affordable prices by eliminating middlemen. Progressive thinking, innovative R&D, manufacturing with the tightest quality controls and unwavering customer support led to TecTecTec rangefinders becoming annual bestsellers on Amazon. Beyond golf products, TecTecTec manufactures cameras, drones, projectors, security systems, speakers and rangefinders for hunting.

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