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Arccos Golf expands Arccos Driver system


STAMFORD, Conn., August 22, 2017 – Arccos Golf today announced the launch of two new features for the Arccos Driver system, Driver Tuning – the first-generation of on-course club-fitting using artificial intelligence – and Long Drive Leaderboards, which can be customized for tournaments, outings, organizations and other groups.

Driver Tuning is offered exclusively for COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos users with Cobra KING F7 and F7+ drivers. It considers a player’s current settings and on-course performance during a three-round window. Harnessing machine learning, the system then recommends weight and loft adjustments based on recognized patterns. This removes the guesswork, making it easy for golfers of all skill levels to maximize their distance and accuracy. 

“The vast majority of golfers don’t have access to a custom-fitting specialist. That’s why, according to Golf Digest, the average player leaves 23 yards on the table by not having the right driver settings,” says Sal Syed, CEO and Co-Founder of Arccos. “On-course data is a much better method for informing the fitting process versus what’s captured in a hitting bay or on the driving range. When you combine that with artificial intelligence, it becomes even more powerful.”

Long Drive Leaderboards expand upon a popular game format by allowing participants to compete across multiple holes, courses or even countries. Driving distance data is automatically captured on any par-4 or par-5, with live leaderboards accessible via the Arccos Driver app or a customized web URL. Current competition options include:

  • Tournaments & Outings Specific to Arccos Driver users at one course on specific dates
  • Invitation-Only Designed for a closed group (ex: members of one organization)
  • Sponsored – Open to all Arccos Driver users for a set time and/or geography

Arccos Driver is a single-sensor system that automatically detects each drive, then uses a player’s smartphone to record second shot position without the need for tagging. It delivers real-time data for tee shot distances, fairways hit and advanced GPS distances for more than 40,000 courses. 
Users of the Arccos 360 flagship system – which tracks and analyzes data for every game aspect –  improved their handicap by an average of 2.77 strokes in one year, a rate that’s 36.4x faster than the average golfer with a USGA handicap.

Arccos recently announced a technology partnership with Microsoft. Together, the companies are developing artificial intelligence technologies that help players make smarter, data-driven decisions on the course to shoot lower scores. The first product from this collaboration, Arccos Caddie, combines live weather conditions with a data set of more than 75 million shots hit by the Arccos community and 368 million geotagged data points on more than 40,000 courses. It shows a player their optimal path — and alternative strategies — on any hole in the world, along with a “Plays Like” distance for any shot on the course.  

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Arccos Golf, LLC develops game-changing connected golf products. The company is revolutionizing the golfing experience by integrating automatic shot tracking with Artificial Intelligence to deliver unparalleled insights that help players maximize their potential. 


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