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Tool helps match residents with golf lifestyle

Free consumer service expedites the process for consumers who seek the ideal Florida Golf Lifestyle

Naples, Florida - For the 1,000 people a day who move to Florida seeking an ideal golf lifestyle after a career of hard work, the new, automated ProGuide3 Questionnaire that Golf Life Navigators launched today, eases the process of discovering the golf lifestyle experience that best aligns with the dreams of future Sunshine State residents.

Much like (real estate) and (dating) have expedited the demands of consumers, so too does Golf Life Navigators o er a less-stressful, technology-driven way to assist with one of life’s most important decisions.

The free ProGuide3 is found on the website (gol of the industry’s No. 1 lifestyle and consumer-to-club, match-making company. Consumers answer a variety of questions related to their interests and motivations in joining a golf club community. Immediately upon submission of the ProGuide3, the proprietary algorithm provides consumers with their best-matched golf clubs in Florida.

Indeed, from dreams of retirement in Florida, to an instantaneous discovery of best-matched facilities, the new ProGuide3 from Golf Life Navigators is the ultimate resource leading consumers to their ideal Florida Golf lifestyle.

“The ProGuide3 is a true game-changer for consumers and the club industry alike,” says PGA Professional Jason Becker, Co-Founder and CEO of Golf Life Navigators. “We want to make these important decisions as enjoyable as possible, so that the perfect match is achieved. That’s what the automated ProGuide3 does.”

Golf Life Navigators was formed in 2014 and is driven by PGA Professionals, including Co-Founder Lynn Josephson, who had primarily been responsible for matching consumers to clubs before the ProGuide3 became automated. Chris Rafter, COO and CTO of Inzata Analytics, of Lakeland, Florida, worked with PGA Professional Phil Romano of Golf Life Navigators to design the new algorithm.

“We basically modeled the system around Lynn’s mind,” said Rafter, whose company was formed in 2016. “We captured every essence of how Lynn got to know a customer and select the best clubs for them. No two customers are exactly alike, and this system looks at numerous subtle di erences to provide high- quality matches for every individual.

“Until now, no one had been able to o er this level of expertise in recommending properties. This really propels Golf Life Navigators into a unique, and very exciting category.”

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