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Aline teams with Revolution Golf on media campaign

(Marblehead, MA) – ALINE, creators of a new class of golf equipment that replaces your shoes insoles, announced today that they have partnered with Revolution Golf, the largest video golf instruction platform on the Internet, to create and deliver multiple media campaigns for its Patented Foot Suspension System. The campaigns will distributed to Revolution Golf’s audience of over 1.5 million avid golfers.

 "A study we conducted recently showed that 89% of golfers have a major problem,” said ALINE’s President of Global Sales and Marketing, Art Rogers. “Their feet, ankles, and knees are not in the correct position and this reduces performance. Alignment is vital in golf and general health. ALINE has combined the best materials with modern technology and biomechanics to bring a premier functional and biomechanically beneficial product to the market. Revolution Golf provides us the ideal platform to reach the avid golfer and inform him or her on the benefits and increased performance and comfort our product provides.”

"Our media platform allows us to deliver audience reach and engagement rates seldom seen via other platforms," said Justin Tupper, Revolution Golf's CEO and co-founder. We are pleased to help ALINE educate and drive direct sales to our members, and also to stimulate demand through their other retail channels.”

About Revolution Golf 

Founded in 2011 and powered by the passion of more than 1.5 million avid golfers, Revolution Golf is the most engaging golf platform on the Internet. In the last four years, it has grown to become one of the largest digital media companies in the world focused on the core golfer. Its video-based platform connects golfers of all skill levels to world-class instruction covering all areas of the game, from personalized club matching and selection to reading greens like the pros and all aspects in between. Over 1,000 videos exist in its archive, with tips ranging from driving to putting to mental preparation, fitness and nutrition. Revolution Golf also serves its members as a source of the best in golf equipment and training aids.

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Founded in 2005 by a team dedicated to improving performance and health from the ground up, ALINE patented technology optimizes a golfer’s performance by properly aligning the back, hips, knees and ankle.   This helps reduce lower body fatigue and improves swing mechanics, resulting in maximization of ground force reaction for more distance and accuracy.  Proven by 10 PGA Tour wins, Olympic Gold Medals, over 100 X Games medals and doctors across the country, ALINEs are designed for performance in sports and life.  ALINE makes similar equipment for Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Cycling, Gym Workouts, Running, Walking and General Fitness activities.  ALINE…what’s inside counts.  

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