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Fairway Jockey launches holiday SPECtacular event for golfers who know their specs

Uploading specs from any source earns you 10 percent off club orders and a chance to win a free custom set of clubs on Black Friday

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (November 22, 2020) – Fairway Jockey, the only retailer of new stock and aftermarket equipment offering bespoke club-building online, today launched a national program aimed at golfers who have been fit but never purchased clubs built to spec. 

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It’s a simple premise: If you’ve ever had your golf swing analyzed but never taken the plunge on custom clubs, upload your prescription or quote to to earn a 10% discount on clubs. Each participant will also be entered in a drawing to have their full set of clubs custom built for free.

The event runs through Black Friday, November 27, when three winners will be announced on the site.

Fairway Jockey offers consumers a unique customized made-to-measure alternative to more mass-market brick and mortar retailers. The platform features the latest equipment by major manufacturers at the best MAP pricing (minimum advertised pricing) featuring an easy-to-use interface which enables consumers to customize over 200,000 grip, shaft and clubhead combinations. Each club is then assembled with the exacting precision of hand-built customization by Master Builders in the state-of-the-art build shop. 

As consumers navigate Fairway Jockey’s proprietary club-building matrix, they can consult with Master Fitters before ordering. These free appointments provide a tremendous opportunity to parse your specs down to the most granular details or receive valuable guidance about top brands from a certified, tour-level expert. Fairway Jockey is the only online retailer helping customers make this kind of informed investment in equipment. 

“There are many different ways to get your measurements before custom-building equipment through Fairway Jockey,” said Kellen Tallada, President of Fairway Jockey. 

“Perhaps you tested your launch angle on the range using Trackman and discovered the right loft at a promotional event, or even paid for a session with a full-service clubfitter. Our Fairway Jockey team is indifferent to where or when you were fit. We are dedicated to executing the right configuration to improve your game.”

The built-to-order production process at Fairway Jockey usually fulfills all custom-build orders within 14 business days. Fairway Jockey also offers SST PURE technology on stock orders and can re-shaft existing clubs.

Learn more about the Fairway Jockey difference at 

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Founded in 2013, Fairway Jockey is a one-stop shop for the most desirable, premium, sometimes hard to find golf brands and aftermarket shafts. 

Whether it’s a single driver or a full set after a fitting, performing an SST PURE or nailing the desired swing weight, the master builders at Fairway Jockey craft each order by hand in a state-of-the-art 20,000 sq/ft warehouse in Scottsdale, AZ.

Fairway Jockey understands that purchasing custom golf equipment is a huge investment, which is why customers can always expect competitive pricing on equipment built to the tolerances required with elite craftsmanship. Fairway Jockey customer service representatives are always available to talk through any questions or concerns about upcoming appointments at

Fairway Jockey is an affiliate of 8AM Golf, one of the most prominent golf holding companies in the nation. 8AM golf is dedicated to helping golfers at every level to enjoy the game more. For more information, visit




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