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PerfectMotion welcomes PGA pro Sarah Stone to its innovative AI coaching platform

Teaching professional at The Bear's Club in Jupiter, Fla., joins other top instructors on the app as a PerfectMotion coach

BOSTON, MASS. – Veteran PGA teaching pro Sarah Stone of Bear’s Club in Jupiter, FL. has joined other top instructors as a PerfectMotion® coach. The app is a uniquely-personalized golf training system that allows golfers to train anywhere, anytime, with or without a ball, while receiving expert guidance on every swing and putt. 

Sarah Stone
Sarah Stone

PerfectMotion® uses proprietary artificial intelligence to track the golfer’s body motion and instantly determine their key swing issue -- and then calls up professional video instruction that addresses the golfer’s specific issue to help eliminate it.

“I feel like I’m joining a family,” Stone says. “We do regular calls to chat about the app, swing data and how to help student’s speed improvement. I especially like that (PerfectMotion® CEO) Rich Kosowsky and his team take our ideas and suggestions and apply them to the product and platform. I like feeling like I’m helping build the future of remote instruction together with other great instructors under Rich’s leadership.”

Stone uses the PerfectMotion® platform as a staple in her teaching to help students make progress in all facets of their games. “I like how quickly students took to the app,” she says. In fact, when initially evaluating the app, she tried it out on her own mother. “She loved how easy it was to use - with and without a ball,” says Stone.

In terms of a platform for coaching, Stone adds, “The MotionMap™ feature provides the needed feedback to my students and identify key issues for me to be effective as a coach. Sometimes video doesn't show a difference to the student, but their MotionMaps™ do. They don't need a coach standing there telling them they’re making progress - the app tells them directly.”

Kosowsky values Stone’s expertise, energy and rapport with her students. “We’re proud to have Sarah Stone as one of our valued coaches and know she will be successful in reaching a whole new audience of golfers who appreciate the continuous expert feedback and fast-tracked game improvement PerfectMotion® delivers,” Kosowsky says.

Sarah Stone Golf Sense logo

Stone offers a personalized coaching service based on the PerfectMotion platform. “I like that both the student and I can see their progress in a number of ways through MotionMaps™ and the app’s Scorecard. It's very easy to understand the feedback you get during and after a session,” says Stone. “I especially think this will be a huge game-changer for coaches like me who go north and south for the seasons. This helps you stay connected with clients year-round, and they can be indoors or out.”

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About PerfectMotion®
PerfectMotion® LLC has developed and patented (pending) an app-based expert system for training the motion of activities in performance, safety/compliance and health markets. The company’s first product focuses on golf improvement. The Perfect Motion™ management team brings a combined century’s worth of expertise in technology development, data science and digital marketing. The PerfectMotion® mobile app is a uniquely-personalized and immersive golf training system that allows golfers to quickly learn and feel correct body motion with every club through an innovative process of continuous expert feedback. PerfectMotion® has assembled a distinguished advisory board that includes three-time Ryder Cup player Chip “Mr. 59” Beck and top PGA golf instructor Joe Hallett. The PerfectMotion® app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for $5.99/month or $59.99 annually. To learn more visit

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