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Masters champion Charl Schwartzel talks fundamentals on new season of 'Lessons with a Champion Golfer,' available exclusively on GolfPass Nov. 10

Winner of the 2011 green jacket talks with fellow South African Andrew Rice, a GolfPass instructor, in the series' 3rd installment

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Watch a Preview of Lessons with a Champion Golfer with Charl Schwartzel HERE
ORLANDO, Fla. (Nov. 6, 2020) – Masters week will be a busy one for 2011 champion Charl Schwartzel, who not only will be competing for his second green jacket at Augusta National Golf Club, but also starring in his first instructional series, Lessons with a Champion Golfer, premiering Tuesday, Nov. 10, exclusively on GolfPass.

In an 18-year career highlighted by 15 professional wins around the world, Schwartzel will share the intimate elements of his golf swing in this third installment of the online series to help amateur golfers practice and play better golf. Fellow South African and GolfPass instructor Andrew Rice serves as host for the series, which was shot on location at the Club at Ibis in West Palm Beach, Fla. The series, which also featured major champions Rory McIlroy  and Shane Lowry in previous seasons, will utilize top production technology, including a Swing 360 camera, specialty graphics, Toptracer and Trackman stats.

A stickler for quality over quantity, Schwartzel said he was keen to share with GolfPass members his best tips for practicing golf. “If you’re going to do something, make sure your fundamentals are correct. Amateurs can get frustrated because they can hit 200 balls and actually make themselves worse. If you do it right, you can hit 50 balls and really accomplish something,” he said.

Inside the eight episodes of Lessons with a Champion Golfer with Charl Schwartzel, he will share his techniques and tips on driving, short game and putting, while showcasing the varieties of putters and putting grip styles he has used to win at the highest level. He also provides insight on shot shaping and specialty shot-making. 

“I grew up with the mindset of keeping the ball in play,” he said. “Most amateurs shooting higher scores usually have, at least, two things wrong – the way they hold the club, the way they aim, the way they stand. They need to focus a bit more on those things and then start working on the golf swing.

“But biggest things are chipping and putting. That would take the biggest chunk off their score.”

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