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Club Champion names September ‘Putter Fitting Month’

Custom club fitter offers free putter fittings to encourage a fitted flat stick

Willowbrook, IL -- Club Champion knows there’s nothing worse than a three-putt on a hole that should have been an easy par. Could practice help? Always. But there’s a chance something else is keeping you from reaching your putting potential — your equipment. To solve this problem, the nation’s #1 club fitter created “Putter Fitting Month” to focus in on the club responsible for 40% of your strokes.

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From September 1-30, 2020, all 74 Club Champion locations will waive the putter fitting fee, valued at $100, for any golfer who purchases a new putter.

“We see golfers come in all the time wanting more distance or looking to increase fairways hit, but somehow ignore their putter,” says Nick Sherburne, Master Fitter and Club Champion founder. “Putting may not be as sexy as bombing it off the tee, but your putter is arguably the most important club in the bag if you’re looking to truly play better golf and lower your scores.”

So how does it work? With their unrivaled number of putter, shaft and grip options, alongside their Science and Motion (SAM) PuttLab technology, Club Champion is able to match a putter to your game. The approach is unbiased; no specific brand is promoted. Their master fitters have been trained to understand what each putter brings to the table, and their only goal is to find the best combination of components to lower your scores.

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To complement their expansive equipment knowledge and options, Club Champion master fitters are also trained to analyze SAM PuttLab metrics to precisely break down what’s going on with your existing putter. Key criteria about your stroke — club path, face angle at impact, loft, lie angle, consistencies of rotation — should be considered when seeking out a new putter. Data from the SAM PuttLab helps fitters address those things, as well as other elements like head style, weight, putter length, face balancing and even toe-hang. Your Club Champion fitter will explain what areas need to be changed with a new putter or simply adjusted on your current putter.

High handicappers see the best results from a custom fitting, but Tour players and industry veterans are familiar with Club Champion’s services as well. After his putter fitting, golf writer Ed Travis wrote, "Happily, I can report my putting has improved. Essentially three-putts are a thing of the past and there’s a lot more confidence on those in the throw-up zone. A good way to say it is, match the putter to your stroke — don’t change your stroke to match the putter."

Satisfied customers can also attest to Club Champion’s expertise. Jason from Woodland Hills, California states, "Putting is all about confidence and not just technique. The putter fitting that I had at Club Champion did two really important things. It showed me what kind of putters worked best with my natural stroke and it boosted my confidence as my three putts went down. My putting average has gone down at least a stroke. I can't remember the last time I three-putted. I highly recommend a Club Champion putter fitting for any golfer who is serious about their game."

Whether you are an occasional golfer or on the links every weekend, every player benefits from a custom-fitted putter. To take advantage of Club Champion’s Putter Fitting Month promotion, please call (888) 340-7820 or visit

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