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Golftec offers Father’s Day gifts every dad will want

Company announces $100 swing evaluations and club fittings

(Denver, CO) GOLFTEC, the world leader in golf improvement and club fitting, announced $100 Swing Evaluations and Golf Club Fittings – the perfect gift for dads everywhere – just in time for Father’s Day.

“Golf has seen a real surge in 2020, with tee sheets full and so many golfers playing record numbers of rounds. Those same golfers are now looking to work on their game, so we wanted to offer a gift option every father would enjoy and appreciate this Father’s Day,” said Joe Assell, GOLFTEC CEO and Co-Founder.

For everyone looking for a great Father’s Day gift, GOLFTEC is offering up to 20% off on golf lesson plans and club fittings, including their introductory products – the Swing Evaluation and Custom Club Fitting. Both are $100 each, can be purchased online and the actual appointments taken any time over the next year.

GOLFTEC’s Swing Evaluation is 60-minute golf lesson where you discuss your game with a Coach and talk through your struggles and goals. Your Coach captures video of your current swing and using ball flight data from the launch monitor combined with GOLFTEC’s world-renowned teaching technology, provides an in-depth view of exactly what’s holding you back. Based on this data, your Coach works with you to build a lesson plan for lasting improvement.

“We’ve seen interest in both golf lessons and club fittings increase thanks to all the rounds being played,” said Nick Clearwater, Vice President of Instruction and one of the Top 50 Teacher’s in America. “A lot of golfers want to know if a club fitting is right for them before working on their swing. A myth in golf instruction is that you have to be a better player before you get fit for clubs – it’s just not true. Having properly fit equipment using a launch monitor is essential to playing better golf no matter your skill level.”

GOLFTEC’s Club Fitting Experience provides an unbiased recommendation of clubs that are best for your game from top manufacturers at the same price as other retailers. Every fitting uses advanced launch monitor data, an extensive array of club and shaft combinations and GOLFTEC's proprietary TECFIT software to dial in your perfect fit. In 2019, GOLFTEC gave over 34,000 club fittings to golfers who saw real, measurable gains in distance, ball speed and accuracy.

For a limited time, GOLFTEC’s Swing Evaluation and Club Fitting are priced at $100 each, making them the perfect gift for any dad looking to play batter golf.

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Since 1995, GOLFTEC has become the world’s largest provider of golf lessons and premium club fittings, operating more than 200 corporately-owned and franchised Training Centers in all major U.S. cities, Canada, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. A top employer of PGA Professionals, the company’s 700-plus coaches have taught more than nine million lessons with students dropping an average of seven strokes from their scorecards. Its highly-trained coaches leverage leading-edge technology for a completely fact-based approach to instruction, practice and club fitting. GOLFTEC’s leadership position in golf improvement is augmented by its SwingTRU Motion Study – the largest ever conducted on golf swing mechanics.

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