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Professional Golf Teachers Association of America’s (PGTAA) and the U.S. Kids Golf Coaches Institute extends special offer through May 31

Love golf? Become a certified Class A PGTAA master teaching professional and a U.S. Kids Golf coach

The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America (PGTAA) proudly announces their association with the U.S. Kids Golf Coaches Institute.

Enhance your kids coaching skills. With many golfers and golf instructors having more extra time than anticipated, consider becoming a certified U.S. Kids Golf Coach.

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U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coaches are recognized as experts in teaching golf to kids ages 12 and under. Certified Coaches learn to leverage their expertise by incorporating an in-depth understanding of club fitting for young golfers, utilizing an established curriculum that features game-based learning methods, offer playing opportunities on the golf course from scaled yardages and communicate effectively with parents.

Like many of you, my email inbox is full of messages from companies all over the country—all issuing official statements about coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it affects their relationship with the public.

There’s no doubt that this is a time of great uncertainty for the world and our nation. While we are hoping for the best, we are taking measures to ensure the continuity of our business and the health and safety of our employees, students and graduates.

So many amazing ideas and businesses will be born out of this time because people have a chance to think.

So many golfers would love to improve their game during this unforeseen “break”.

If you’re like us, you are a golf addict first and foremost! So why not make it a career?

You may be wondering what the future holds for your business career, especially if you are reliant on a pay check.

Whether this applies to you, or you are simply taking advantage of this forced break, being able to teach golf not only gives you a potential source for additional income and a new career, but you will also be doing something you love and always wanted to do!

Many of our graduates have given testimonials which I encourage you to read, and I am always happy to put you in touch with graduates of the course, so you can hear FIRST-HAND how becoming a certified PGTAA Instructor has benefited them. See how the PGTAA certification has helped them get positions as University, High School, retail, golf academy instructors and in golf club positions with city and private courses.

Taking positive action towards a better future. These trying times require you to make a decision. So is it an OBSTACLE or an OPPORTUNITY?

I wrote in my book “The Right Mind for Golf” that “Competency is the ability to dance during breakdown ©”. Well, now is the time to get dancing!

But in every situation - with or without a national emergency - you get a chance to focus on the obstacle, or you can focus on the opportunity.

It’s certainly tempting to focus on all of the “obstacles” facing you right now. It would be very easy to go “stir crazy” and really compromise your mental state by focusing on doom and gloom and “what ifs”.

BUT, when you focus on the OPPORTUNITY - countless possibilities open up, especially in today’s technological space as it relates to golf instruction.

Stuck in place golfers need their golf fix. Remote video lessons are on the rise. YOU will be receiving videos of their swings and you will send back lessons, drills, and voiced-over feedback to your students with the latest technology. This will allow you to provide value to your students while observing CDC Guidelines on social distancing, and therefore providing you a new source of income.

There is tremendous opportunity right now to become a certified PGTAA Master Teaching Professional AND an USKids Golf Coach with our special “Stay in Place Double All-Inclusive Coaching Certification Special”, so you can live your dream and get paid for it!

So contact me TODAY and I will expedite your order and get you started on the path to success as a certified Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional and an USKids Golf Coach!

Please call or email me with any questions and to get started now!

Dr. Barry Lotz
Class A PGTAA Master Teaching Professional
USKIDS Golf Coach
PGTAA President

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