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New V1 Coach app brings golf instructors and coaches unprecedented data and game analytics

Using V1 Game data, coaches build finely-focused lesson and practice plans

Novi , MI – V1 Sports (V1), creators of the industry-leading golf swing analysis software for teaching pros and golfers, has brought to market the new V1 Coach mobile app, a dynamic, data-rich system to help golf instructors and coaches manage their students’ performance data to optimize lesson content, practice plans, course management and scoring habits. The V1 Coach app adds to V1 Sports’ suite of golf performance and feedback tools and uses deep analysis of on-course performance data (collected by the powerful V1 Game mobile app, which features GPS data to provide accurate yardages to greens, hazards and landing zones paired with detailed and intuitive performance analysis technology) to help finely tune a player’s track to improvement and lower scores.

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With V1 Coach, instructors can see a detailed portrait of their players’ strengths, weaknesses and tendencies over time. Thanks to the mobile app’s advanced analytics engine, a golfer’s data syncs directly from the V1 Game app to V1 Coach, allowing coaches to see when their players are playing, how they are playing, and what they should be working on most. For coaches of teams or competitive players, the Coach View enables a quick comparison of players’ strengths in familiar “Strokes Gained” categories. In V1 Coach, Strokes Gained information is partitioned into Tee-to-Green (T2G), Driving (D), Approach (A), Short Game (S), and Putting (P).

Shotlink™️-style maps of shot locations and scores help coaches develop and share on-course strategy and course management. Full shot histories of how a hole has been played at the team (V1 Coach) or individual level (V1 Game) are available to highlight specific miss tendencies on specific holes and courses.

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“If coaches and instructors want to get down into the very DNA of their players and students on-course performances, V1 Coach is a must-have tool for working smarter and teaching golfers to manage every phase of the game better,” says V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty. “The level of data in V1 Coach that can be applied to teaching and focusing practice time effectively is an absolute breakthrough. This is the new indispensable tool for golf coaches everywhere.”

In a simple-to-use Coach’s Dashboard, round summaries show performance data relative to selected reference categories, like specific handicap ranges (from Tour Player to 25 handicap) and gender. In addition to Strokes Gained, V1 Coach use a powerful analysis engine to reveal deeper insights. V1 Coach also has the intuitive ability to identify good days and bad days relative to a player's baseline/historical performance tendencies.

Another key analysis given in both the V1 Game and V1 Coach App is potential. Accessible in the Round Summary and the ‘Teach’ view of the V1 Coach App, "potential" is displayed to show what the player could be scoring if they clean up the most decisive errors from a given round, like penalty shots, three putts and leaving approach shots off the green or too far from the pin.

“After a round, you may be frustrated that you missed that last six-footer, but V1 Game might tell you the deeper insight is that you had a bad driving day and why, Maybe you were missing left all day,” says Dallas Webster, developer of V1 Coach and V1 Game. “V1 Game also tells you everything you did well in clear-to-follow data points. Over time, this data is aggregated and, when the data is uploaded to your instructor or coach’s V1 Coach app, the skills you should be working on become more evident.”

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V1 Coach features built-in branding that allows coaches to add their custom colors and logo to the app’s user interface. Players who join a team receive that same branded experience throughout the V1 Game app.

“The V1 Coach app gives coaches and instructors a meticulously-organized and intuitive system to track, analyze and work with students, effortlessly making lessons and practice time more targeted and geared toward the most necessary areas of improvement. Once you use it, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it,” Finnerty says.

Visit for more information. Apple users may download the V1 Coach app from the App Store.

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