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The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America’s (PGTAA) views and suggestions in these trying times

2 daily affirmations help after a month or more of sheltering in place

Stamina, Connectivity, Patience & Meditation, Presence, aka Mindfulness, are essentials
in today’s world.

As we approach the end of April, the majority of us have been “sheltering in place” for more than a month. I wanted to share some thoughts of what has helped me personally as well as those 14+ plus PGA Tour players I work with, to get through these unusual times.

My two daily affirmations:

“Competency is the ability to dance during breakdown©”

“Gratitude + Optimism - Ego = Success ©” (a shout out to my amazing wife)

Stamina - Much of what we are experiencing is not going to end soon, rather it will be something we adjust to and even at times endure. It helps us remember that there is an end and we will get through this phase of social distancing, closed businesses and no group events. We will learn how to live in our “new normal”.

Patience and Meditation- Knowing we are in this situation for the long haul, is when patience is needed and sometimes the only emotional rescue. Patience comes from knowing there are situations we cannot change and then letting ourselves accept that lack of control. Focus on what you do have control over - I can’t go to the gym but I can get my jump rope out and get a great cardio workout or go for a walk around my neighborhood. (Don’t forget your mask)

Learning how to meditate, in my case Transcendental Meditation (TM), has been an amazing gift, in that the calmness, clarity and taking the time to meditate at least once a day for 20 minutes, (though twice a day is better), continues to help me learn patience, and is a wonderful benefit for living life positively and healthfully.

Mindfulness - Staying present or living in the moment is an amazing tactic to help you feel better, relaxed, and yes, even happy.

Turn off the news, avoid negative thinking and take the time to be grateful for all of the things you do have. I espouse that “Contentment is not the fulfillment of a want, but the realization of what one has”. When you are not feeling great, stop and ask yourself what story are you telling yourself right now? And then change it, by changing your conversation.

How to Stay Connected
Staying connected to each other is more important than ever. Here are some ideas to inspire your own creativity.

Using FaceTime or other online meeting platforms (e.g., zoom, Skype), consider these subjects:
Have dinner at the same time with friends. Make the same thing at different locations and compare.

Throw an online game night or dance party.

Watch television shows together.

Create an online band, rehearse songs together. Here's a great example by Incubus.

Go online shopping together.

Do a book club.

Reach Out to Others
Reaching out to others right now will not only help them, but it will benefit you also. Helping others increases happiness and our own well-being. It is more important than ever to connect to your neighbors, family, and friends, and to offer help to those who are more vulnerable and have fewer resources.

We’ll all get through these times, better and stronger.

*For happiness - what you need – aside from your health, is something to do, something to look forward to and somebody to love.”

Wishing you all good health!

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Dr. Barry Lotz