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Golfers invited to V1 Sports online lesson webinar Thursday, April 30

Top teacher Jake Thurm to demonstrate ease, efficiency of remote instruction

Novi , MI – V1 Sports (V1), creators of the industry-leading golf swing analysis software for teaching pros and golfers, is inviting the public to take part in a unique live webinar demonstration Thursday April 30 (2:30pm Eastern) presented by Golf Digest Best Young Teacher and PGA TOUR coach Jake Thurm and V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty.

The Chicago-based Thurm will show those in attendance how an advanced “remote lesson” powered by video capture on the free V1 Golf app, and also using the V1 Pressure Mat, can benefit golfers who are serious about improvement.

Finnerty, live from his basement in Metro Detroit, will serve as Thurm’s student for the session to show golfers and instructors how simple it is to conduct remote video lessons with the V1 Golf app (for golfers) and the V1 Pro app (for teachers) and how much game improvement a teacher and golfer can accomplish even when they’re in two different places. In addition to having cameras capture his swings using the V1 Golf app, Finnerty will also have the V1 Pressure Mat in place so Thurm can see where he’s imparting to pressure to the ground at any given moment during his swing.

Easy to use in a home, garage, basement or yard, golfers can use the popular V1 Golf mobile app to film and send their swings to the teaching pro of their choice and receive lessons with voiceover, telestration and custom drills. V1 recently surpassed the 4 million mark in online lessons and has seen an uptick in usage since Shelter in Place practices began earlier this year. In addition, the V1 Golf Plus subscription allows golfers access to one of the largest libraries of tour swings for comparison and exclusive tips and drills.

The V1 Pressure Mat is the first portable and affordable mat built to record a golfer’s balance distribution information (measured by foot pressure) and Center of Pressure (COP) during the golf swing. Combining real-time data on a golfer’s weight transfer with V1’s top-in-class camera systems and video software makes each lesson more impactful and can markedly expedite a player’s improvement.

“Technology has come so far in the game. Connecting to your pro through your V1 Golf app is an awesome way to improve from home, especially with so many avid golfers and teachers stuck at home. In addition, if instructors can get golfers on the V1 Pressure Mat, they could teach them to maintain a dynamic posture and get through the ball properly, finishing with most of their weight on the lead side,” Thurm says. “We look forward to showing the power of video, data and how to quickly help golfers build better swing habits in the Webinar this Thursday.”

In additional to practical swing instruction, practice drills golfers can work on at home and demonstrations of V1 Sports’ teaching technology, Thurm will cover a variety of practical topics on setting up a practice or teaching space that is optimized for remote video lessons.

These topics include:
- V1 Golf app and Best Practices for filming your golf swing
- V1 Sports online lesson technology
- V1 Pressure Mat and top trace overview
- V1 Home Camera System and Hitting Bay setup for your home

A Question and Answer session will immediately follow Thurm’s exclusive live webinar.
Registration is free and simple. RSVP online to reserve your seat for the Zoom webinar using this link:

To learn more about V1 Sports full suite of video capture and analysis technology for game improvement, including the V1 Golf mobile app and the V1 Pressure Mat, visit

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