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The PGTAA (Professional Golf Teachers Association of America) versus its Competitors - Basically it's Harvard versus a Community College

PGTAA, in its 23rd year, is considered the foremost and premier teaching organization in the world

Firstly, we receive quite a few emails and telephone calls about this particular issue. And after a student's research is completed, 98% of those who decide to enter the golf teaching domain, enroll within the PGTAA. Now in its 23 years in operation the PGTAA is considered the foremost and premier teaching organization in the world period.

Secondly, if you visit, you will see our latest testimonials, and we highly encourage you to contact each graduate as to their PGTAA experience.

Thirdly, we re-certify many former PGA members (retired), USGTF, Golf Academy of America, and SAGTF graduates as our certification and designation is more highly sought after and respected next to that of the PGA.

We are considered the Harvard of this niche golf area rather than the Community College, as are the aforementioned organizations (excluding the PGA).

The PGTAA Business & Marketing Module, written by myself as a board member of the PGTAA, is PGA Approved for PGA Pros and PGA Apprentices for MSRs (Continuing Education Credit). So if you ever decided you wanted to become a PGA member and go through their three to five year course, you would get credit for taking the PGTAA course. Not so with any other teaching organization.

Three of our instructors carry the PGA Instructor badge and have between them over 40 PGA Tour Players with whom they work. My recently published book, "The Right Mind for Golf", now in its eighth reprint, is used by many Touring pros and is part of the PGTAA curriculum.

We have additional PGTAA certified teachers such as Mark Immelman, Gary Gilchrest and Mike Kletz that have their own stable of PGA and European Tour Pros.

Our teachers teach at Torrey Pines, the Dave Pelz Short Game School and at the Pebble Beach Academy of Golf. In addition, we have graduates at Universities such as Columbus State in Georgia, University of Cape Town and Bahrain and at many other top-rated courses and schools that employ PGTAA graduates round the world.

Most of our graduates are former PGA members and quite a few USGTF students who find that our training is "accepted, accredited and recognized worldwide(c)" as opposed to other teaching organizations, especially when it comes to being hired.

We offer a Home-Study module that works extremely well for individuals that already know the game and are currently teaching. In addition, those students electing to do the home study course, can, at any time attend an onsite course simply by paying the difference in tuition. We originated the Home Study Certification Program and many other impostors have seen fit to try and emulate our program.

In order to attend and on-site course, one has to complete and pass the home-study course. This is a prerequisite as what is taught at the on-site course is basically the strengthening of your teaching skills (constructive criticism) that we deemed necessary based on your written test answers and scorecards. The on-site course also has sessions on club fitting and the use of digital teaching products and techniques.
The PGTAA does not have major overhead from advertising that forces the enrollment of just any applicant merely to cover our costs. I would rather they go to another school than risk our reputation.

We do not send out printed materials either, as we feel that through word of mouth, credibility throughout the golf teaching domain is more important, attributes and our web site is in a constant state of flux, updating information, as needed.

As for recognition by the PGA, they know who we are and we have as good a relationship as there can be between competing organizations. Many PGA pros send us students that either do not have the skills (PAT) or the time and money to go through the PGA program. That speaks rather well of the PGTAA in and of itself and as mentioned previously, the fact that in 2020 we are entering into our 23rd year of operation, attests to our acceptance within the industry. That’s a credit, not only to those who work for the PGTAA but those who make the PGTAA the fine prestigious organization it is known for worldwide. Our continuous flow of testimonials from our graduates is never-ending.

Lastly, our program does not require "levels" that are blatantly an attempt to extract as much money from an individual as possible and still have no acceptance by the general golf industry to these so called "levels". You should check into what the "actual" cost and time will be for these other teaching organizations. We have not raised our prices since our inception!

Hopefully this gives you a better insight as to what the PGTAA is about.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Barry Lotz 760-335-0600 or email (

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