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Thinking about a Shopify store for your golf resort? Inntopia Digital can help

Golf resorts need to get creative to find revenue in this economic climate

For golf resorts, revenue can be tough to find right now. And this is when we need to start getting creative.

As travel has been shut down by COVID-19, online retail has been ramping up. Some top Shopify stores have seen record days and even on a large scale, promotional email volume has stayed level.

Considering selling merchandise?
Golf resorts have incredibly strong brands, so many are starting to entertain the idea of selling their stock of gift-shop online. This is allowing them increase retail shop sales of select items such as golf clubs, apparel, and accessories.

While this is foreign territory for many golf resorts, it’s second nature for our Digital Team, and we are donating 200 hours of work this month. We have years of experience:

  • Setting up Shopify stores start to finish
  • Ensuring their optimized for search (critical for store growth)
  • Getting their social and analytics integrations running

And more. We’re known for our email skills, but emails have to sell something and much of our experience has been tied to retail.

Need a hand? We can help.
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