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Inntopia donates 200 hours of work to golf, ski and hospitality partners

Software company's digital team offers trouble-shooting expertise to clients and non-clients alike

It’s been a sobering few weeks.

As resorts and hotels have closed, layoffs and furloughs have followed. Suddenly, GMs and presidents and VPs realize they don’t even have login credentials, much less the knowledge about how to push Send. In other cases, the Marketing managers who were spared have had their hours cut back, but not their workload.

A lot of people just need a hand, and this is exactly what our Digital Team is designed to do. We possess experience with dozens of ESPs, social platforms, analytics packages, and more.

To clarify, this offer is available to anyone, not just our clients. We’d be happy to give you a hand however we can. We’re not offering consultants, we’re offering folks who can jump in and do the work.

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About Inntopia
Inntopia connects the software systems that manage lodging, skiing, golf, and other functions into one-stop shopping, automated marketing, and powerful business intelligence. Built to solve the complex challenges of destination resorts, Inntopia’s software and expert consulting are used to improve the bottom line in every corner of the travel industry.

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