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V1 Sports sees rise in remote video lessons connecting V1 pros with homebound golfers

Surpasses the 4 million mark for online lessons delivered

Novi, MI – During this challenging period of social distancing and home isolation brought on by the Coronavirus crisis, millions are feeling disconnected from their daily routines and favorite pastimes. For many, that includes golf and the pursuit of playing better. V1 Sports (V1), producers of the industry-leading golf video swing analysis platform for teaching pros and golfers, is committed to helping avid golfers facilitate interactive lessons with pros even during these unprecedented times.


In fact, V1, who recently saw users surpass the four-million mark in online lessons since the platform first launched, reports a noticeable increase in golfer registrations as well as the number of teaching professionals onboarding to the V1 Pro system which coincides with the recent uptick of Americans now basing all activities from home.

“Golf is so much of a uniting power in the lives of those who love playing the game as well as those who teach for a living. Now, more than ever, we want to encourage golfers to reconnect to their lesson routines and support their favorite teaching pro,” says V1 Sports CEO Bryan Finnerty. “Just as mobile teleconferencing companies like Zoom are filling a need for business professionals, V1 is proud to be that turnkey solution that keeps golfers and their teachers in touch even when remote communication is their only option.”

V1’s system of interactive remote golf lessons are powered by easy-to-use tools for video swing capture and sharing as well as dynamic functions that help pros create detailed video lessons with voice-over instruction and visual feedback through telestration. From home, golfers can film and send their swings to the teaching pro of their choice and receive lessons and drills using the popular V1 Golf mobile app.

“I teach college golfers and young playing professionals from several different states, so the interactivity of the V1 Golf App and my V1 Pro studio has been a great help in keeping my students on schedule and in touch with their improvement,” says V1 Pro user Buck Mayers, Director of Instruction at Escondido Golf & Lake Club in Horseshoe Bay, TX. “I’ve talked to many pros who are looking into offering pre-booked packages for remote video lessons. It’s time for the industry to use its creativity and tools like the V1 system.”


The 30-day free trial of V1 Pro gives instructors a chance to test the new 2020 V1 Pro Studio software system and then decide to sign up for one of three plans: V1 Complete (a combination of V1 Pro Studio and V1 Mobile), V1 Pro or V1 Mobile to complete interactive lessons with video, voice-over and telestration.

Former LPGA player and Director of the Dormie Network Institute, Meaghan Francella routinely used V1 remote lessons with her teachers (like GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teachers Tom Patri) during her playing career and she recently launched the DNI Online Academy to reach more students. “V1 is a great platform to stay connected with students when you can’t see them. I have personally used this with my coaches when I was traveling or schedules didn’t permit,” Francella says.

To further assist in communication between golf instructors and their students, V1 Sports has shared some helpful points on using V1 Sports platform to effectively teach students remotely:

V1 Golf App - The V1 Golf App is a free app for golfers that allows them to connect with pros and to send swing videos directly to the pro’s V1 Pro inbox. Here are two helpful videos that teaching pros can share with students, explaining how they can send their swing videos:

o How to Connect To Your Instructor in the V1 Golf App:

o How to Send Swings to Your Instructor in the V1 Golf App:

V1 Pro Software and Mobile App - When students send pros swing videos through the V1 Golf App, they show up in the pro’s V1 Pro inbox. From there, the pro can create voice-over video lessons and deliver the final lessons directly back to the students. Students receive their completed lesson in their V1 Golf App account. Here are two helpful videos that provide instructions on how to conduct voice-over video lessons in V1 Pro:

o V1 Pro App: Creating and Delivering Voice-Over Video Lessons:

o V1 Pro software: Creating and Delivering Voice-Over Video Lessons:

V1 recently announced the release of V1 Pro Studio, the newest version of their signature software product. Boasting a brand new, sleeker and more efficient user interface as well as unprecedented integration of the V1 Pressure Mat, V1 Pro Studio is the most dynamic software offering in the company’s 25-year history. The powerful combination of live video capture, swing analysis, graphic overlay, lesson creation and delivery tools makes V1 Pro Studio an indispensable golf teaching aid.

Golf Instructors can sign up for a 30-day trial of V1 Pro Complete by going to or contacting

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