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Alphard Golf’s new V2 eWheels now available at special VIP pricing

With eWheels, golfers can turn a pushcart into a premium electric remote caddy

Alphard Golf, a leader in golf product innovation, announced today that their brand new V2 eWheels (with TFS - Tether Follow Sensor) are available through March 3rd, at special Early Bird pricing, via their indiegogo funding campaign.

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With eWheels you can turn your pushcart into a premium electric remote caddy that follows you on the course…even over bumps and hills.


Award Winning Design
In 2019, MyGolfSpy awarded eWheels their Editor’s Choice Award in their Electric Pushcart Buyer’s Guide. Features that were highlighted by MyGolfSpy included; eWheels ability to convert standard push carts to electric, ease of installation, its space saving design and multiple speed options.

Well the “Best of 2019” just got better! The new V2 eWheels boasts a detachable battery, hill brake, remote on/off switch, 6-Axis Gyro, built-in cruise control, Bluetooth connection and more.


Longer Battery Life
Swappable plug and play lithium ion batteries are good for 27 holes. Users can simply swap batteries and play from sun-up to sundown. (the previous battery was also rated for 27 holes. The advantage is you could have a second battery now and play 54, if you want).

More Precise Controls
Not only does eWheels follow you without the stress of continually having to look back, but it also allows for full remote control from the remote itself. Making your approach and want your bag waiting for you at the next hole? No Problem, eWheels will meet you there.

The new 6-axis gyroscope can read the terrain of the course, gauge speed on both uphill and downhill treks and put you in full control.

Auto-Follow With TFS – Tether Follow Sensor
TFS allows eWheels to follow you without a remote! Simply clip the magnetic connection and go. TFS magnetically clips to an included metal belt attachment. It reads how far you are from your cart as well as your direction and adjusts your cart to match.

The Smart Tether can be easily attached to your golf bag without hassle and communicates with your eWheels via Bluetooth. It’s ready to go out of the box, so you don’t have to fuss over setup.

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