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'Beyond The Fairway,' a 95-page pictorial highlighting many of golf's iconic moments and legendary players from the past 50 years, released by renowned golf photographer Paul Lester

'Beyond The Fairway,' a first-edition paperback featuring a foreword from Jim Nantz and an introduction from Barbara Nicklaus, is available at

AUGUSTA, Georgia (February 10, 2020) – Renowned professional golf photographer Paul Lester has served as an official photographer of countless PGA TOUR and LPGA golf events, as well as private charitable and corporate events involving most of golf’s greatest players over the past 50 years. He now lends his lens to public viewing, chronicling golf’s most famed, fierce and focused competitors inside the ropes and their personalities off the course through his First Edition work, Beyond The Fairway.

Beyond The Fairway (published by Ultimate Books; retail price $29.97) is available at and It is an enjoyable, 95-page pictorial (15 chapters) which can easily be read within a day.

Individual chapters are dedicated to Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Ben Hogan as well as LPGA golfing greats, U.S. Presidents and entertainers such as Bob Hope, Gene Autry, Dinah Shore, James Garner and Bill Murray who were charmed by the game of golf and, in return, graced the sport with their presence.

World Golf Hall of Famers and other popular golfers of golf’s Golden Age who are prominently showcased in Beyond The Fairway include Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Lee Trevino, Tom Watson, Phil Mickelson, Fred Couples, Greg Norman, Fuzzy Zoeller, Payne Stewart, John Daly and Chi-Chi Rodriguez, and LPGA legends Amy Alcott, Annika Sorenstam, Kathy Whitworth, Jo-Ann Carner and Jan Stephenson.

Lester’s inspiration for compiling the glossy, paperback book in a photo album style originated from a personal reflection of a photo he took of Nicklaus and Hogan at the Centennial of Golf Pro-Am in New York City in 1988.

Said Lester: “I presented this photo to Jack and Barbara 30 years later, at which time Barbara told me she had never seen it before. That’s when I thought, ‘I wonder how many other photos I have that go way back, that many have never seen?’ “

Jim Nantz, CBS Sports’ famed golf anchor unlike any other, provided the Foreword passage for Beyond The Fairway while Nicklaus’ wife, Barbara, contributed the book’s Introduction.

“Having received and enjoyed many of Paul’s photos over the past 50 years … His idea was to take the reader on a journey, and that it be a journey that engages the reader with very turn of the page,” Barbara Nicklaus wrote. “Each and every photo that Paul has sent to Jack and me brings a story to life through his lens!! We treasure each one! … Paul has not only been a good photographer – but, more importantly – a good friend (to Jack).”

Wrote Nantz: “Our paths have crossed at the biggest events in sports. We travel in the same circles for charity events and corporate functions. When I see Paul, I know that I’m stepping into what will be a memorable and special occasion. For you see, much like the Palmers, Nicklaus’s, Woods, and many others who have gained legendary status, Paul Lester is an icon in the world of photography.

“Imagine dedicating your life to documenting everyone else? Some may think it’s a skill that’s acquired. But in Paul’s case, I believe he was born with an enormous talent. Through his prism, he has captured many of the most candid and glorious snapshots you will ever see.”

Interested media members requesting to review Beyond The Fairway can contact Lester for a copy of the book.

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