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Pro golf lessons at your convenience – with Golfin

Team of U.K.'s leading PGA professionals launches online platform for interactive game improvement

A team of the U.K’s leading PGA Professionals are ready to challenge the traditional model for getting the best from your game with the launch of Golfin, a new online platform for interactive game improvement. Driven by feedback from current clients and input from golfers who don’t take golf lessons, the team behind Golfin has designed an online coaching system that combines the bespoke, one to one service expected from the very best golf lessons with the convenience of online golf instruction.

Sam Carr, Golfin's director of coaching

“Lessons with a PGA Professional are without question, the best way to improve your game,” commented Golfin Director of Coaching Sam Carr. “The whole Golfin team are experienced PGA Professionals so we know that golfers who receive great coaching and take the time to work on their game will improve. But despite every golfer having frustrations with their game, very few take lessons, often preferring to consume instruction and game improvement tips online. The Golfin coaching system takes these two factors and combines the high quality one to one attention of a PGA Professional with the convenience of online instruction – whenever and wherever a golfer wants.”

Golfin coaching can be purchased in three different packages depending on the desired level of input. Common to each package is the in depth Golfin consultation process. This one to one phone or video call identifies the golfer’s goals and creates a performance blueprint to direct their progress. This begins the meaningful coach-golfer relationship that lies at the heart of the most successful coaching. Following initial consultation, Golfin helps the golfer to record a video of their swing and send it to their coach via an intuitive online coaching platform. From those videos the Golfin coach creates a high quality, in depth, three stage analysis.

Stage one of the analysis introduces on-screen graphics and a coaching voice over to the player’s swing videos. This in-depth analysis gives an expert insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the player’s swing and highlights the changes that are required for improvement. Stage two moves onto the practice ground with a personalised live recording from the ‘lesson tee’ where the Golfin coach talks through drills and swing feelings while asking questions that will determine the future path of the golfer’s improvement. The final stage pulls together all the key information from the analysis, highlighting priority areas to work on and referencing further drills from the Golfin online library that will help the golfer’s progress. But the coaching doesn’t end there. Throughout the length of the golfer’s coaching package, their Golfin coach will be available to discuss progress and support the golfer through the improvements they’re making to their game.

Alongside the Golfin coaching packages, Golfin has designed a free complimentary app that tracks a golfer’s data from the practice range. Once data is submitted, the golfer can either review their own performance and access free Golfin video drills, or work with their Golfin coach on a bespoke program designed to address the identified issues. The app also works as a free standalone coaching system for any golfer, with data analysis and a library of free coaching tips that anyone can access.

“We want to connect more golfers with top quality coaching, and have come to the conclusion that if golfer’s aren’t coming to PGA Pro’s then we need to go to the golfers,“ concludes Sam. “Our team at Golfin includes PGA Professionals all round the world and we’re ready to deliver golf coaching whenever a golfer wants. Using our Golfin approach, golfers can work on their game while sat at their desk or on the sofa late at night. The tips and advice from our coaching packages and the app are data driven and tailored to a golfers’ game. So whatever Golfin experience they choose, it’s their time, their game and their goals, now get Golfin!”

For more information on Golfin coaching packages and a link to download the free app visit or get social on Instagram @golfinclub on Twitter and @golfin on Facebook.

Golfin began with a vison to provide high quality golf coaching to anyone, anywhere in the world. We are a group of people who love golf. We love playing, we love coaching, we love technology and we love bringing people together to get the most out of the game. By creating a unique system of game improvement, we share our love of the game by helping golfers improve theirs. So whether they’re knocking shots off their score, chatting about their latest round on our social networks or are just inspired to get out more often, Golfin is about golfers getting the most out of the game.

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