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Operation 36 announces first-ever Junior Golf Development Model at PGA Show

Software is designed to support coaching programs

Garner, NC—North Carolina-based golf player development program, Operation 36, announces the ground-breaking debut of the Junior Golf Development Model at the PGA Show in January.

After a decade of research and development, the Operation 36 team created the first-ever, Junior Golf Development Model Software to compliment coaching programs. This accurately measures the player’s progress using On-Course Golf Skill Development, based on the golfer’s long term goal.

The Junior Golf Development Model is also the first to blend together Long-Term Athlete Development guidelines with On-Course Golf Skill Development. The Model is integrated into the Operation 36 software for coaches to help guide their juniors and parents in their golf journey. Golfers can quickly and accurately see if they are ahead of pace, on pace or behind pace on the path to their long term golf goals.

To use the Model, golfers can choose to select a “track goal” they want to achieve by the time they complete high school. The tracks include exploratory, social, recreation, competitive, and collegiate. Based on their age and on-course playing ability, the golfer will instantly see if they are on track to meet his or her long-term goals. The Op 36 Platform keeps parent, coach, and junior on the same page. Golf Professionals can view a players complete journey and goals and guide their long-term development with additional coaching tools tailored specifically to golf.

Operation 36 Co-Founder Ryan Dailey says, “The most challenging part of guiding a Junior Golfer and their family from never having played golf before, to reaching their long term goals is having ‘realistic expectations.’ New golfers often think improvement is a straight line and that it should happen in a short period of time. When it doesn’t, families get disappointed. The Junior Golf Development Model opens up a great conversation between the coach, player, and parent. The majority of the time it sets everyone at ease to know that what they are doing is working, they just need to keep practicing and keep playing.”

For more information on the Operation 36 Junior Golf Development Model go to:

In Operation 36’s mission to create 1 million new golfers over the next five years, they want to help coaches with introducing new golfers and retaining them for the long term. This tool will be a tremendous asset for Junior Golf coaches to keep their players engaged in golf for years.

The Operation 36 team will be at booth #1675, near the TPI and Trackman exhibits and will be sharing the Junior Development Model. Coaches are invited to stop by the booth to learn more.

Andrew Strom
DOO, Operation 36