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Swing Mason introduces a novel approach to quickly and effectively build or change your golf swing

The Swing Mason laser system eliminates the frustration of golfers in replicating their swing lesson and maximizes the impact of golf teachers

Houston, Jan.2, 2020 – Swing Mason LLC today is announcing the February release of their new adjustable laser and sensor paired system that utilizes checkpoints as a tool for replicating or creating a swing path. The Swing Mason System consists of a small coin-sized laser mounted to club or rod and a sensor in a cell-phone sized housing that is positioned to setup a checkpoint along a swing path. The system allows the golfer to test how well they are able to replicate a particular element of a swing as the sensor provides visual and recorded feedback when the laser crosses the sensor.

The Swing Mason technology and approach is new as most laser swing practice devices are intended to track other parameters related to a swing, such as trajectory, club face angle, speed, simulated distance, etc. or have lasers and sensors that are fixed. The Swing Mason System has lasers and sensors that are adjustable and suitable for creating a blue-print of any swing path utilizing checkpoints.

“Our new system is a game-changer,” says Walter Leskiff, co-president of Swing Mason LLC and a USGTF master golf teaching professional. “It addresses the problem of falling into bad habits and muscle memory of a prior swing or the difficulty of building a new swing, which is the biggest frustration my students face in improving their game.”

The Swing Mason System was born out of long-distance online video lessons Walter was giving his childhood friend Harri Bronskyy, co-president of Swing Mason LLC. Harri, like Walter, is an ex-athlete and coach. They put their heads together to come up with the Swing Mason System to maximize the impact of lessons and practice sessions.

The Swing Mason System will debut at the PGA National Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL Jan. 21st -24th, where they will be having a drawing to win a Swing Mason System. Sales will begin in Feb. 2020 with a retail price of $499 and will be available for purchase on their website: