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Inntopia rolls out significant enhancements to products and support going into 2019-20 season

Improvements aim to increase conversion and revenue

STOWE, VT - November 20, 2019 - This week Inntopia announced the release of a series of major enhancements to their platform, support team, and user interfaces leading into the 2019-20 winter season. Improvements include a new design for key interfaces, a new customer service team structure, and other enhancements to their platforms aimed to increase conversion and revenue.

“Sometimes it’s tempting to ‘save’ ideas that come during the summer so we can release them during the spring trade-show season, but this year we put our heads down and hustled to get as much value for our southern golf customers into place before they head into their critical winter season,” said Inntopia’s CEO, Trevor Crist.

On the Inntopia Commerce front, a new, improved booking engine design has been beta tested by a number of resorts with nearly a dozen in line to go-live in the coming weeks.

On the Inntopia Marketing Cloud side, an improved user interface for List Builder, the guest data querying tool, was recently rolled out to all clients.

Finally, a new integrated Strategic Services Team that had been piloted over the summer is officially live.

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