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Pure Drinkware expands product line, creates Drinkware Revolution

Snark, sass and a little smart @$$ ... for all of life's adventures

PURE Drinkware is changing thirst into a statement-making accessory. Even the best of us get thirsty every once in a while so why not do it in style?

PURE Drinkware was born when owner, Chip Lovern, was deployed in Iraq and realized there was more to staying hydrated than just making sure you had clean water. Chip’s interest in research and technology partnered with wife Heather’s expertise in design, trends and the wholesale gift industry was the perfect combination in creating PURE. Here at PURE Drinkware, we think life is better with a dash of sass. If you ask us, choosing a cup to take on the go is nearly as important as putting on pants before leaving the house. The law might not hold it in the same regard but what can we say? We’re visionaries.


PURE Drinkware is like that one sassy best friend who can always talk you into doing something a little gutsy. We know that life comes in all shapes and sizes so that’s why our tumblers do too! We have endurance bottles that go great with adventure, kale salads and yoga. We have baby bottles and sippy cups because toddlers like to flex their sass like no other human beings on Earth. We have a pilsner for the bros and we’re really excited to offer a stemless, 16oz wine glass which is perfect for discreetly sipping a lot of Moscato at your kid’s baseball games. And you know what? We have driverless cars, the technology to send people to space, and the ability to order groceries in our underwear so naturally we thought it was time to have an insulated, stainless steel coffee mug that actually fits in a car cup holder. You’re welcome.


PURE Drinkware is excited to continue our expansion and drinkware revolution. We’re launching all new collections exclusively for the Specialty Retail Channel. With a constantly evolving line of the trendiest, snarkiest, smartassiest designs on the market, PURE Drinkware is making waves. Speaking of which, our PURE Waves Speaker Bottle literally boasts flashing, multi-color LED lights and a Bluetooth speaker built into the top! The party can go on forever.

Not only will our tumblers make you laugh out loud and turn heads, but they’re also functional, safe and environmentally friendly.

● Dishwasher safe products
● Cushioned, non-slip bottom on most styles
● Tritan, twist-on, spill-proof lids
● Vacuum insulated, double-walled 304 grade stainless steel, copper plated inner wall
● Stainless steel is BPA, BPS and BPF free
● Cold for 24+ hours, Hot for 12+ hours
● Hundreds of patterns, prints and sayings to choose from
● Open Line Collection, exclusives and custom engraved products available

PURE Drinkware™ has been an extremely active stainless-steel hydration line, since 2017, and we are passionate about providing a line that is versatile, safe and conducive to travel, outdoor activities or simply being on the go! As we are constantly researching the latest trends, you can be sure that PURE Drinkware will continuously offer what you’re looking for in a drinkware line and you can be sure that what you’re drinking is PURE.


Christi Burton | National Sales & Marketing Manager | PURE Drinkware | 404.783.4441 |
Chip Lovern | President | PURE Drinkware | 678.859.6398 |