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Inntopia: Kingsmill’s small wording change with an important meaning

Listen, I love golf. And I love to travel. But when it comes to visiting and exploring new places, golf is typically not as high on my list as other things.

Well, two things, to be specific. One of them is a four-year-old, the other is six.

Eventually, I hope that both will love golf as much as I do. But today, they love lots of other things a lot more. Things like swimming, playgrounds, swimming, jumping on beds, swimming, riding bikes, and did I mention swimming?


Want to know how Kingsmill found a simple way to speak the same language kids use and focus on the stuff that kids want to do anyway? Golf may be the biggest selling point, but for everyone in a group that isn’t golfing, this approach makes for a great message. Read the blog here.



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