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PeakVision Sunglasses protect golfers' eyes from damaging UV rays

'Fall Back to Golf' sale offers 15 percent discount

(CONWAY, SC – October 8, 2019) - For many golfers, ‘autumn’ golf is the best and most beautiful time of the year to play the game they love. Temperatures cool down and golf courses across the country showcase their beautiful landscapes with even more vibrant colors.

In celebration of autumn, PEAKVISION is pleased to announce the 15% off "Fall Back to Golf” Storewide Sale. Every pair of PEAKVISION Sunglasses are 15% off the retail price. To order PEAKVISION and to get your 15% discount, visit PEAKVISION ships the same day the order is placed.

Peak Vision GX5
The GX5 style

And even though the sun may not shine as bright or long during the autumn months doesn’t mean golfers should not protect their eyes.

David Feaser, CEO, PEAKVISION Sunglasses, encourages all golfers to protect their eyes throughout the year. “I’m always surprised to learn how many golfers don’t wear sunglasses at all on the course,” says Feaser. “UV rays are so damaging, no matter what time of year it is. Golfers need to protect their eyes by wearing sunglasses with the proper lens to protect their vision from harmful rays!”

"The sun's UV rays hit you from all directions while outside,” explains Feaser. “An AR filter on the back of your lens ensures that you aren't having those harmful rays hit your eyes from the back side of your lenses. That's why PEAKVISION includes AR filters on the back of all of our lenses, ensuring you a safe time while you're out enjoying your sport. The AR filter is very significant as it stops all harmful UV rays from entering your eyes around the edges and the rear of the sunglasses."

PEAKVISION Sunglasses offers this AR filter protection for the eyes with every style. Some of PEAKVISION’s most popular styles include:

The GX5, offering a full wrap-around design for superb coverage. The GX5’s come in black, white and royal blue.

The AV1, a medium-size, uber-stylish aviator with an excellent fit in both gold and silver.

The DG1, a medium-sized Wayfarer is extremely light-weight and is constructed with a nylon titanium composite.

The EOS style features a modern, round European design that offer a sophisticated look.

“Golfers are usually out in the sun for a minimum 3 ½ to 5 hours a round and the sun will be hitting you from the corner of your lens. With PEAKVISION’S AR filter, you can be confident that your eyes will be protected,” adds Feaser.

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