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Golf Digest Magazine highlights GolfTec motion study

(Englewood, Colo.) – GOLFTEC’s SwingTRU Motion Study – the most fact-based analysis of the golf swing ever conducted – continues to be recognized as a leading example of how big data can be applied to improving athletic performance, as the groundbreaking study was most recently highlighted in the August issue of Golf Digest Magazine.

This latest accolade comes on the heels of GOLFTEC being named one of the 10 “Most Innovative Companies in Sports for 2017” by FAST Company magazine, who praised SwingTRU for “demystifying the golf swing with data.” The landmark study identifies specific body positions within the swing that directly correlate to handicap level and play a key role in improving distance, accuracy and consistent contact.

These incredible findings provide GOLFTEC coaches an additional layer of insight for enhanced instruction. They can focus on specific positions where improvement is most needed, thus maximizing the student’s learning curve and ability to transfer lessons into improved on-course performance. The result is GOLFTEC students report a 96 percent success rate, with the average customer dropping seven strokes from their scorecard. 

“Our entire teaching platform is built on leveraging clear, factual data gathered from millions of golf swings and using advanced motion measurement technology, launch monitors, high-tech cameras and more,” says Nick Clearwater, GOLFTEC Senior Director of Instruction. “Together with hundreds of talented and passionate coaches, we continue to evolve and improve in our ability to help people play better golf.”

Since the late 1990s, GOLFTEC has collected and stored motion measurement data on more than 137 million golf swings. This equates to more than 635 terabytes of information, captured over seven million lessons. For the SwingTRU study, a statistically significant slice of the accumulated data was examined to learn the differences between how golfers of all handicaps – from PGA Tour® players to aspiring students and beginners – move throughout the swing. GOLFTEC discovered patterns in how professionals and elite amateurs use their bodies as compared to higher handicap golfers.

Beyond Golf Digest and FAST Company, the SwingTRU Motion Study has been highlighted in various influential media outlets, including Golf Channel’s Morning Drive,,, GolfWRX and others. The company is diligently working toward adding new elements to the study that will examine further swing positions, ball flight data and other areas. 

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