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U.K. juror fined for reading golf magazine during trial

English man caught browsing ‘bargain clubs for sale’ section of U.K.’s ‘Golf Monthly’ magazine ordered to pay fine, booted off jury

Fined: An English man who let his passion for golf get in the way of his civic duty, and that lapse in judgment likely will cost him much more than his next green fee. David Barron was caught reading Golf Monthly, a U.K.-based golf magazine, while seated on a jury in Southampton (England) Crown Court that was hearing evidence in a robbery trial, U.K. media reported. Barron, 60, of Southampton, was perusing the magazine’s “bargain golf clubs for sale” listings when he drew the attention of another juror, who summoned the court’s usher. Barron initially told the court usher that he found the trial to be “boring” and that he “could not be bothered with the proceedings.” Judge Peter Henry cited Barron for contempt of court, fined him £150 (about $209) and booted him off the jury. In response, Barron told the court: “I am ashamed, and I am very sorry for my actions. I should not have done it. It was very disrespectful.” Barron requested to have his confiscated edition of Golf Monthly returned to him, but it was denied.

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