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USGA, R&A propose changes to rules of amateur status

Golf’s governing bodies seek to simplify distinction between amateurs and professionals, opening comments through March 26

Announced: By the USGA and R&A, proposals for changes to the rules of amateur status that govern the game worldwide. Golf's governing bodies worldwide seek to simplify the distinction between amateurs and professionals. The three proposed changes involve 1) accepting a prize in excess of the limit, which is $750; 2) accepting payment for giving instruction; and 3) accepting employment as a golf club professional or membership of an association of professional golfers. Foremost among the proposals is that the USGA and R&A would like to eliminate sponsorship restrictions for amateurs. The governing bodies also want to remove the distinction between cash and other forms of prizes that can be accepted by amateurs. The proposed changes have been posted on and as golf’s governing bodies solicit feedback through March 26. The new rules are expected to be adopted on Jan. 1.

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