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PGA Tour slow-plays rollout of revised slow-play policy

The directive, to be introduced in 2021, will shift the focus from groups to individuals, with a 2nd ‘bad time’ warranting a 1-stroke penalty, reports

Revised: The rollout for the PGA Tour’s revised pace-of-play policy, according to a report by Rex Hoggard on The policy will be introduced at the Tournament of Champions in early January, players were told recently. Pace of play has been a growing problem in golf, with many observers pointing to the plodding habits of PGA Tour players as validating five-hour rounds – or worse – among recreational players. The PGA Tour's revised policy had been scheduled to be introduced at the RBC Heritage in mid-April, but when the global coronavirus pandemic suspended the season a month earlier, the rollout was shelved. The changes focus on two main areas: Tour timers will monitor individual players rather than groups and create an observation list of habitual slowpokes. Any player who takes longer than 45 seconds on average to hit a shot based on ShotLink data will be wearing a figurative bull’s-eye and subject to discipline. According to the report, players who land on the observation list will be monitored during rounds and will be subject to a 60-second limit for all strokes. Any player on the list who exceeds 60 seconds will be timed even if his group is not considered to be “out of position.” One “bad time” will warrant a warning, and a second bad time will incur a one-stroke penalty.

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