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Adam Scott shows heart of gold to go with that green jacket

An ailing Australian who thinks the former Masters champion is a golf buddy got a call that, well, for best mates proves to be no big surprise at all

Adam Scott 2020 Genesis Invitational
Adam Scott

Called: By Australian Adam Scott, countryman Ross Campbell, who reportedly suffers from brain and lung cancer and experiences confusion, including the belief that he and the former Masters champion are regular golf mates, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. “He talks about Adam all the time, waiting for Adam’s call to play a round of golf,” Campbell’s wife, Pam, told the Herald. The 76-year-old Campbell’s daughter Leigh reached out to Scott, the 2013 Masters champion, while he was in his homeland, and Scott agreed to call Campbell. “They talked golf, and Ross mentioned that he gets very wobbly in the legs when he goes out to play,” said Campbell’s wife, Pam, who told the Herald that she stood nearby in tears as the men spoke. “He’s in a wheelchair and can hardly stand up, but Adam must have sensed this and said he gets wobbly in his legs, too.” Campbell’s wife added: “Many high-profile athletes must get so many requests to put themselves out, yet Adam responded to my daughter’s request straight away. The video he sent also shows him practicing putting, and Ross can watch it any time he feels inclined.” Scott, 39, is No. 6 in the Official World Golf Ranking after having won the Australian PGA late last year and the PGA Tour’s Genesis Invitational, his first U.S. victory in four years, in February. After the call, Campbell’s wife asked her husband about the encounter. “What are you talking about?” Campbell said. “Of course Adam would call. He wants a game.” Said Pam Campbell: “It’s a story to warm the cockles of your heart in these troubled times.”

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