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Brandel Chamblee apologizes for slap at teaching pros

Golf Channel analyst backtracks for what he called ‘an unfortunate choice of words’ in an interview with Golfweek’s Adam Schupak after PGA of America labeled the comments ‘offensive, sexist and disgraceful’

Brandel Chamblee

Issued: By Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee, an apology for offensive language that he used in reference to teaching professionals in a question-and-answer session by Golfweek’s Adam Schupak, a former Morning Read contributor. In the interview, Chamblee ripped instructors who “taught flawed philosophies” that have been exposed by the rise of video posted to social-media channels and elsewhere on the Internet. “People realize the movement patterns and the teaching philosophy of 30, 40 years ago has run into YouTube videos and social media, which acts as purity for teaching,” Chamblee said. “The teachers are being exposed for their idiocy, but I stood on the range with a prominent teacher who had acolytes all around him, who then went out and those acolytes talk with acolytes, and then they completely spread this flawed philosophy through all of their teaching. And all teachers stuck to that ideal and taught flawed philosophies, and these philosophies finally got bitch-slapped by reality. YouTube, there it is. You’re wrong; they’re right.” The PGA of America issued a statement condemning Chamblee for “offensive, sexist and disgraceful” comments. “It’s unfair to paint all instructors with the same ugly brush,” read the statement, which was signed by chief executive Seth Waugh and president Suzy Whaley, who is a PGA instructor. Chamblee responded on Twitter with an apology for “an unfortunate choice of words.”

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