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USGA grants deferrals for expectant parents

Under the updated family policy, new and expectant parents can defer their eligibility for USGA professional and amateur events

Granted: By the U.S. Golf Association, the option for expectant mothers and fathers to defer their eligibility for USGA tournaments if a baby’s birth or expected birth affects their qualification. The updated family policy, which was announced Tuesday, includes adoptions and surrogacy births and applies to all 14 of the USGA’s annual professional and amateur events. In 2019, the USGA allowed new mother Stacy Lewis and expectant mother Brittany Lincicome to defer their eligibility for the U.S. Women’s Open. Lewis opted to play in the 2019 USWO, and Lincicome deferred her choice to this year’s Open. Expectant mothers and fathers have one year to defer their qualifying spot, but the USGA allowed for a potential additional year under “exceptional circumstances.” Lewis, to whom the USGA turned for input in formulating the policy, said: “Last year, I experienced the challenges that new parents often face and was fortunate that the USGA worked with me for my circumstances surrounding the U.S. Women's Open. As players, we want a fair and inclusive policy, and that is exactly what this reflects."

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