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Phil Mickelson plans to follow Tiger Woods to Florida

Golfer buys a lot on Jupiter Island and intends to move his family next year, joining an influx of the game’s top stars to the area

2019 BMW Championship
Phil Mickelson

Disclosed: By Phil Mickelson, that he and his family will be moving from their longtime home in California to Florida next year, Rex Hoggard reported for, citing an interview with the five-time major champion. Mickelson, 49, has bought a lot on Jupiter Island, in the same wealthy coastal enclave of southeast Florida where another California transplant, Tiger Woods, and many of the game’s top stars live. Mickelson, a San Diego native who has resided for years in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., said that he closed on the land late last year and intends to start construction soon. He intends to move his family after the Mickelsons’ youngest of three children, Evan, graduates from high school next year. In 2013, Mickelson expressed frustration with a tax code in California that he said put his combined federal and state obligation above 60 percent of his income and hinted that he might move. In the wake of public criticism, he backtracked from the claim. Florida does not levy a state income tax and offers homestead exemptions for property owners who reside in the state. Mickelson will be making his 2020 debut on Thursday at The American Express event in La Quinta, Calif., where he serves as tournament host.

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