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Would Tiger Woods really play 3 in a row?

Should he play well enough this week at the BMW Championship to make the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup top 30, Woods would earn a spot in the Tour Championship … but would he take it?

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Co-hosts John Hawkins and Mike Purkey debate whether Tiger Woods, who will be playing a second consecutive PGA Tour tournament this week, will have the stamina to make it three in a row. Woods needs a good showing this week at the BMW Championship to make the FedEx Cup’s top 30 and advance to Atlanta for the Tour Championship, but that would mean three weeks in a row. For Woods, that’s a marathon. Hawk & Purk also assess Dustin Johnson’s overpowering performance in the FedEx Cup playoff opener and pore over the big names that didn’t advance. As Purkey pointed out, Johnson was Tiger-like in his dominance – 30 under par and an 11-stroke margin of victory – against an exceptional field. But Hawkins maintains that Johnson still is defined “more by the big ones that got away,” and Hawk & Purk agree that the sentiment isn’t entirely fair.

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