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Episode 19: TV’s ‘most underrated golf analyst’

Golf Channel’s Jerry Foltz joins Hawk & Purk to discuss the resumption in televised golf and why we should watch the LPGA

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Jerry Foltz, the "most underrated golf analyst" on TV, joins co-hosts John Hawkins and Mike Purkey to discuss a variety of topics, offering his usual mix of wry humor and poignant wisdom. Among Foltz's observations: The recent charity match involving some of the PGA Tour's brightest stars at Seminole Golf Club (“It felt like we were inventing golf on TV”), golf’s return from the coronavirus pandemic (“I’m not hopping on an airplane until they tell me that if I catch COVID-19 that I’m not going to die”), how coverage will change this year (“you won’t notice much difference in the commentary and the coverage”) and why golf fans should watch the LPGA (“quite simply, because they’re great … there’s so many things they do well, in terms of controlling the ball and picking the course apart”).

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