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Episode 18: A successful sequel for Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson

'The Match: Champions for Charity’ scores big numbers with TV viewers, but Hawk & Purk are a bit more guarded with their grades. Still, Tiger-Phil II beats the original, but how couldn't it?

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The TV viewers might have given “The Match: Champions for Charity” the best viewership in the history of televised golf on cable, but John Hawkins and Mike Purkey were no pushovers with their grades for the PGA Tour/NFL crossover exhibition. “The last hour pulled them out,” Purkey said of the Tiger Woods-Peyton Manning 1-up victory over Phil Mickelson-Tom Brady in a star-powered event for coronavirus relief. “I would rather have a wart burned off my neck than to have to watch that first 90 minutes again,” Hawkins said. Both agree that the match closed with flair and, overall, was “good stuff.” Tiger-Phil II was better than Round 1 over Thanksgiving weekend in 2018, of course, but did it surpass the all-star event a week earlier involving Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson vs. Rickie Fowler and Matthew Wolff?

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