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Episode 14: A PGA Tour sked with no cred?

The PGA Tour emphasizes golf’s major championships – 3 of them, at least – and the FedEx Cup in its revised 2020 schedule, but John Hawkins says it looks a lot like ‘guys drawing up plays in the dirt.’ In that case, everybody go long!

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Co-hosts John Hawkins and Mike Purkey pick apart pro golf’s plan to resume play this summer, a schedule that doesn’t include a British Open but will feature a postseason without a legitimate regular season. “This schedule is a proposed schedule … because there are way too many things that we don’t know,” Purkey says in running up a caution flag amid the coronavirus pandemic. “This business of starting the Tour in June? Nobody knows that that’s going to be the case.” The emphasis will be on the majors – at least three of the four, with no British Open – and the FedEx Cup. Hawkins applied a sandlot-football analogy to the revisions: “We’ve got guys drawing up plays in the dirt.”

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