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Episode 12: Jim Furyk comes clean

Taking a few minutes from his nesting duties, Furyk joins Hawk & Purk to find positives during a tough time for golf and the nation

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Jim Furyk takes a break from tidying up around his home in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., to discuss golf’s status during the coronavirus pandemic, among other topics. So, how difficult are things for touring pros with no place to compete? “I don’t really think there’s anything that hard for the players,” said Furyk, a 17-time Tour winner whose resume includes the 2003 U.S. Open title, nine Ryder Cup appearances and two sub-60 rounds. “Of course, we want to work, just like everyone else. … Just that unknown: When are we going to get back to work? Is everyone going to be safe and all right? What’s the economy going to look like in this country 2-3 months from now? There are more important things than golf. I’m trying to search and find something positive. It’s hard to find these days.” Now that Furyk has joined Hawk & Purk for a chat, we can say he’s done it all.

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