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Episode 10: Peter Kostis gives another lesson

Now that he is teaching again, former CBS analyst tells co-hosts John Hawkins and Mike Purkey that he ‘always viewed myself as a teacher,’ even when on the air

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Peter Kostis, the longtime CBS analyst who recently was ousted in a messy purge, shares his insights on the game and his place in it. Kostis has returned to his teaching roots near his home in Scottsdale, Ariz., he tells co-hosts John Hawkins and Mike Purkey. “I’ve always viewed myself as a teacher,” Kostis said. “Even when I had a microphone in my hand, I approached it kind of like a teacher who was trying to help the 12-15-handicapper at home.” So, what should TV viewers try to emulate in when watching the swings of the game’s elite players on the PGA Tour? “Absolutely nothing,” Kostis said. “Don’t look at specifics; look at generalities.”

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