Hawk & Purk

Episode 9: Gary McCord answers the call

Ousted CBS announcer gives co-hosts John Hawkins and Mike Purkey a few no-holds-barred ideas about how televised golf could reinvent itself

Hawk & Purk Podcast Hero Article

Gary McCord, the former PGA Tour pro who recently was shown the door after three-plus decades with CBS, reminds us why he has been one of the game’s most interesting and colorful characters. And he tells co-hosts John Hawkins and Mike Purkey that he’s still a big fan of the game and, like the rest of us, watches golf on TV. Regarding the future of televised golf, McCord says, “You’ve got to make golf a video game. You’ve got to make the people sitting on the couch actively rooting for something or against something. They have to take part.”

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