Hawk & Purk

Episode 4: Slim and none

Proposed world tour has very little chance of succeeding, Hawk & Purk agree, citing history as their guide

Hawk & Purk Podcast Hero Article

Co-hosts John Hawkins and Mike Purkey size up the latest attempt to form a world golf tour, which they think has practically zero chance of happening. As Purkey notes, if Greg Norman and Rupert Murdoch couldn’t pull off the concept 25 years ago, why does this unknown group think that it can work? Hawk & Purkey also look back on Tiger Woods’ first start of the calendar year. Of Woods, Purkey poses a question that perhaps network TV executives can answer: “Do we have to watch every single shot and scratch and move?” Hawkins calls it “an overdose that rubs me in the wrong direction.” They also rate Torrey Pines winner Marc Leishman not only as one of the nicest guys on the PGA Tour but one of the most underrated.

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