Golfers Authority

The inside story of SeeMore Putters

Behind the Golf Brand

Morning Read has partnered with Golfers Authority to distribute its podcast on the Morning Read Podcast Network. Each week, host Paul Liberatore will take a deep dive into a golf company to learn more about its story, and how its leaders helped it grow to where it is today.

In this episode, Liberatore interviews his friends Jim Grundberg, Cody Hale and Ted Gallina from SeeMore Putters. Liberatore says that many golfers would be better off spending more time thinking about which putter they were gaming than what the hottest new driver will be this season. While drivers continue to dominate the world of online golf, putter brands such as SeeMore continue to push the envelope to where golfers actually can benefit.

Hit the play button to listen, and look for more episodes coming soon.

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